Investing in our natural resources

Who we are

World Markets unites research, innovation, technology and financing with a goal to improve the planet’s energy needs.

Our main focus is the development, management and financing of projects aimed to create a positive impact on our planet.

The climate crisis of today leads us to focus specifically on renewable energy opportunities and sustainable agricultural initiatives around the world.

Our goals

Collectively, we believe everyone has a responsibility to ensure the investments of today create a positive impact for society.

Individually, we invest in sustainable projects, using ESG frameworks as a backdrop. By taking this safeguarded approach we seek to explore, support and leverage projects that will do good for our planet tomorrow.

Specialist sectors

Sustainable investments

We invest in companies who seek to drive a sustainable future; from agriculture to energy solutions, technology to infrastructure.

International trade and partnerships

Fostering international trade and cross-border partnerships is a key lever in building our sustainability goals.

ESG Expertise and due diligence

As a keen tenant of any business today, our team of ESG subject-matter experts advise on frameworks, measurements and implementation.

AgriTech and Clean Energy

The roots of our team expertise and investments stem from the development of technology in agriculture and energy solutions.

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